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We want a country where everyone can thrive. From well-paying jobs to abundant local food, the MAJIC Platform lays out five pillars to create an economy that will work for everyone, not just the folks at the top.

And together, we can make it happen.

  This Family Is The Future. 

The Michigan Alliance for Justice In Climate (MAJIC) is a community of individuals and organizations centering racial equity, social justice, and systems change in climate activism.


It's no secret that Climate Change and Environmental Injustice systematically impacts low-income and communities of color. We believe that this generation - and all future generations - deserve to live and thrive with clean air, clean water, a healthy planet, and safe communities.  

By drawing on the knowledge of our elders and the passion and fire of our youth, we can work together to bring about lasting, generational change.

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change starts with you.

changestarts with you. 

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It's time to



MAJIC is fighting for equitable, sustainable futures for Black and Indigenous communities.

You can, too.

take action

take action

We aren’t just facing one crisis. The global pandemic, mass unemployment, systemic racism, climate change — they are all connected.

MAJIC is working toward a bold new vision that will revive our economy. We're addressing these interlocking crises with a plan that centers good health & wellbeing, abundant local food, well-paying jobs, thriving neighborhoods and a just society.


We can win. But we can’t do it alone. 

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